Say No to these 3 fraudulent Mortgage schemes

It’s hard to escape from fraudulent schemes somehow, we say yes to them and get trapped easily but if we open our eyes and keep our eye on fraudulent activities then it isn’t easy for them to get caught in this. In this blog, we are going to reveal three fraudulent mortgage schemes that we should avoid at any cost. Mostly we people get convinced by the scammers for buying a home because it is a complicated process for the beginners but for experienced buyers, this is not easy for them to say yes to such schemes. Let’s have a look

Straw buyer

 In this scheme, if you can’t afford a certain amount of purchase then anyone can make a purchase on your behalf. This is illegal and no one can do this in a favor. When straw buyer used to purchase property for someone who can’t afford this then he can’t secure financing from multiple lenders. In Majority cases, it has been seen even straw buyer doesn’t know the scheme itself. We suggest you work on your credit rather than paying attention to these schemes.


Fabricate Documents

 If you are not meeting up the certain point of rules and regulations for applying mortgage and company will ask you to provide fabricate documents because it can put you in trouble. It has been seen people even sign a blank document which is not good enough because signing a blank document means you are agreeing on unknown terms and conditions and might be you have to pay for this later.


Help from Foreclosure

 People who are facing foreclosure they come to know from the third party who will pay off the debt and they can stay at home till the time he wants. So, they can rent back to the investor so here residents can face eviction from home while the investor sacks the home equity.


These are the schemes that can trap you for no reason. It’s imperative to do a detailed search on whatever the scheme is introduced to you people. If you find and fraudulent activity then directly report to state departments they will take quick action. Your research is important and expert mortgage advisers in Northampton can provide you valuable research and give you guidelines over such issues. You will get to know how to keep yourself protected from such things.